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Work-Life Balance is taking a bigger bite out of productivity, recruiting and retention results than any other bottom line issue today. It has become one of the biggest career concerns for managers, field personnel and employees. As a result, successful work-life methods and strategies provide the biggest and easiest upside opportunity to immediately impact your business and the key individuals that make it up.

Why not have the leader in the field of work-life balance deliver a high-impact program at your next meeting? Jim Bird, CEO of WorkLifeBalance.com, is a world-renowned speaker, author and media contributor. Jim is available for keynotes as well as selective breakout sessions, consulting and training programs for your executives and senior management.

Below you will find a sample selection of topics as well as more information about Jim and WorkLifeBalance.com.

To schedule Jim for your next meeting or to get more information, please contact us at info@worklifebalance.com or 1.877.644.0064.

Why Hire Jim?

  • Audiences consistently rate Jim a 5.9 on a 6-point scale. See below for more client feedback.

  • He is a dynamic and entertaining speaker who engages your audience in multiple ways to make sure that they understand and retain key concepts.

  • In multiple presenter events, his segments are consistently rated #1.

  • No fluff. Jim started his first company at 18 and knows from decades of experience both the organizational and individual challenges to success.

  • Jim has over 15 years of successful experience speaking on the topics of leadership, work-life balance, time and change management.

  • Clients

Jim’s clients include Fortune 100 organizations, as well as small to mid-tier businesses, government agencies and non-profits. Below is a sample of clients.

Bank of AmericaFiservMonsanto
Baxter HealthcareHewlett PackardNASA
Coca-ColaJohnson & JohnsonPepsi
Dept. of Homeland SecurityLafargeSC Johnson
Enterprise Rent-a-CarMaytagUSAF

  • Media Coverage

Jim Bird regularly speaks on work-life balance and related topics such as leadership, time management and stress control. He frequently writes for and appears in major media & professional journals, including:

CNN InternationalThe Wall Street JournalLA Times
Knight Ridder NewspapersUSA TodayChristian Science Monitor
MonsterABC RadioChief Learning Officer

  • What People Are Saying

To talk with specific references relevant to your industry and audience, please contact us directly. Here is a sample of what you will hear:

“Jim’s two hour keynote was the highest rated segment of our two day session for 800 of our leaders. Six months later our executives and managers are still talking about and using the lessons learned.”

CJ – VP Leading US Financial Institution

“The tools are outstanding personally and professionally. I have received tremendous feedback and, as result, look foward to future programs in the hospital.”

MK – President US Hospital Group

“We initiated these sessions because Work-Life Balance is important to our business and because it is the right thing to do for our people. The results were excellent throughout our company. Months later I continue to personally benefit from the specifics I learned from my participation.”

JM – President US Technology Manufacturer

“This was a wonderful session that summed up in succinct fashion everything I have been searching for the last several years to make my life better and more complete. Kudos!”

GB – Communications Director International Pharmaceutical Firm

“The most rewarding aspect for me was when I compared my last two Employee Surveys: The favorable ratings in regards to ‘My Business Unit is sensitive to the relationship between my work life and my personal life’ more than doubled from the survey done before the session – that pretty much says it all…”

J.M. – Manager – Major US Utilities Firm

Sample Programs

Keynote Presentation Topics (1 to 2 hours.)

Content and length of these sessions are customized based on your organization’s unique needs. Keynotes are typically one to two hours.

5 Steps to Better Work-Life Balance – For Leader’s

Reaping work-life benefits for yourself, your organization and your team

This upbeat keynote for leaders delivers an understanding of the key bottom line impact of Work-Life Balance on the organization and on the manager’s effectiveness as a leader. Concrete examples and personal applications show how to incorporate work-life balance methods into the leader’s existing style to immediately impact their own work and life, as well as that of their team’s.

People today are exposed to over 100 times as many personal and professional choices as compared with ten years ago. This explosion of choices is unprecedented in human history, suggesting that today’s managers and employees require not only a different skill set, but also a different mind set than even a decade ago. As a result, the demand for work-life balance solutions is expanding at an unprecedented rate; and, over the next decade, will be one of the most important issues that executives and human resource professionals are expected to manage.

While traditional efforts such as employee benefits and organizational policies are beneficial, research shows that personal accountability combined with an improved skill set are the key to a better work-life balance. In this session, Jim will reveal the two essentials required for a successful work-life strategy and how leaders can most quickly and effectively implement them. Leaders are impacted with personal takeaways that benefit them individually, driving their commitment to positively follow through with their teams.

5 Steps to Better Work-Life Balance

More Value and Balance from Your Work & Life, Everyday!

This meaningful and upbeat keynote delivers specific tools and tips that are unmatched in the results they will produce for your audience. Important on and off the job insights produce immediate “Ah-Hah’s” as well as ongoing results for both the individual and your organization. With a highly interactive style Jim engages the audience with easy-to-use Work-Life Balance tools to better manage both the people and things that are important to their work and life success. The outcome for the individual is more control, value and balance both professionally and personally. The outcome for the organization is higher performance from more skilled, accountable and committed employees and managers.

The delivery includes defining Work-Life Balance: what it means, what it doesn’t mean; accepting responsibility for your own work and life results; specific tools to Achieve and Enjoy more everyday; why understanding the critical difference between a meeting and a date will multiply the value of each; and how to master the choice challenge to create more value and balance in your life on an every day basis. Personal and work anecdotes, examples and applications engage the audience to produce immediate as well as ongoing results. Your attendees will be talking about and benefiting from this session for years to come.

The Choice Challenge

Advanced Time Management for Your Work and Life

This keynote inspires audience members to take a more positive and productive approach to creating more value from their time on and off the job. Effective time management has become increasingly more important with the explosion of on and off the job choices and corresponding rise in stress levels. A recent survey shows that the average worker admits to “frittering away” more than 2.09 hours a day, not counting lunch, on personal business, costing companies an estimated $759 billion annually.

Jim illustrates how each of us can manage and drive performance through more effective decision making, interpersonal interactions and project execution. Quick and easy advanced time management tools are discovered and applied. Participants leave with skills for making the most of the moment as well as for prioritizing a multitude of complex ongoing demands. Attendees discover concrete ways that they can immediately improve the timeliness and clarity of communications, project workflow and decision making processes, while simultaneously reducing unproductive stress levels. Relevant personal and professional examples, applications and results are produced making the session truly engaging and motivational for the entire audience.

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Breakout Sessions (2-3 hrs)

Take topics to greater depth with applications of 5 key steps learned to each participant’s career and life. (Click here for information on break out sessions).

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