Highly-Effective Facilitator Training Courses

With this Quick Start Facilitator Training you will deliver unmatched training that changes individuals’ lives and careers for the better while driving commitment and results for your organization. Conducted remotely this Authorized Facilitator training entails straight-forward on-line pre-work followed by phone coaching before facilitators’ first live delivery. If you have a larger number of people to train on an ongoing basis also consider the more in-depth Trainer Certification. Choose to facilitate one or more of the 5 Steps® programs:

  • 5 Steps to Better Time Management®
  • 5 Steps to Better Work-Life Balance®
  • 5 Steps to Better Stress Management®
  • 5 Steps to Better Leadership®

If you or members of your team are interested in becoming a WLB Authorized Facilitator, please call us Toll Free at 1-877-644-0064 for Facilitator Training information or contact us at this link:

Authorized Facilitator Training Information

Trainer Benefits from WLB Facilitator Training

More Impact, Positive Results and Feedback from Training You Deliver

  • Comprehensive and proven implementation materials and support
  • Quick start up, straightforward preparation, and enjoyable delivery with WLB Facilitator Training
  • Trouble-free, highly effective extended learning. We do the work; you and your organization get the credit
  • Coaching available from the most experienced and qualified master trainers in the field
  • High impact content and results you can believe in and benefit from professionally and personally

Facilitator Training Benefits to the Organization

More Than Twice the Results at Less Than Half the Costs

No other training produces the unmatched measured results created by the 5 Steps® programs.

  • Measured increases in individual productivity, accountability and commitment
  • Better teamwork and communications
  • Much more timely individual and team activity & project completion
  • Less negative organizational stress
  • A high morale company culture – Improved ratings as a great place to work

Learn More about Our Facilitator Training

Deliver Time Management, Work-Life Balance, Stress Management and Leadership Sessions in Your Organization

Being an Authorized Facilitator provides great flexibility in how you schedule your classes and allows for in-depth application of the training that is most relevant to your organization and your targeted audiences. Facilitation includes the delivery of concrete tools that immediately elevate productivity while increasing employees’ respect and appreciation for your managers and your firm.

The “5 Steps” that facilitators learn to deliver result in managers and employees learning, retaining, and using a skill set that drives performance on the job and conveys an appreciation for achievement and enjoyment in their own and other employees’ personal lives as well. Measured results are unmatched with this Dual Purpose Learning approach.

Exclusive Extended Learning Program Included

Your facilitator training is extensively supported and the live training you deliver reinforced with the help of our seamless Extended Learning platform for all your participants, which includes:

  • A very well received monthly educational e-newsletter to all participants. This newsletter can be co-branded.
  • E-postcards that reinforce each tool and skill taught.
  • Email communication templates for the initial and ongoing implementation.
  • Email sending and administration for follow-up web-course sign up and consumption reminders.
For more information about our Authorized Facilitator Training

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Want to learn how to improve the performance of your organization and the quality of your employees' lives?

  • Higher Productivity

  • Create better leaders

  • Improved Teamwork

  • Less Stress

  • Manage time efficiently

Whether you're a senior level executive, HR or Training manager or you just want to gain more value out of your professional and personal life our unique dual purpose work and life programs can help you and your organization.



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