Our CEO Explains the Importance of Work Life Balance

Work-Life Balance is taking a bigger bite out of corporate profits than any other bottom line issue today.  As a result it provides the biggest and easiest upside opportunity to immediately impact your business.  Expect more than a ten fold return on investment in the first 6 months.  (Reading time 120 seconds)

You more than anyone know that the fate of your company depends on recruiting, developing and retaining individuals with the right skill set and then motivating them to perform at peak levels. That is not happening at most large companies today. The #1 reason for this breakdown is Work-Life Balance. Your managers and employees are significantly underperforming because of the ramifications of this soft-sounding concept.

They are stymied every day not by a lack of effort, but by an explosion of on and off the job choices unprecedented in human history.

On a daily basis your managers and employees are exposed to over 100 times as many personal and professional choices as their parents were a generation ago. This is an unprecedented challenge. Past HR efforts have treated the resulting tension as a problem to be solved with policy or benefit fixes.

Work-Life Balance is not a problem to be solved. It is an issue to be managed.

Because the right work-life balance is different for every individual, a company policy or program cannot create it or manage it. Each individual must do that for him or herself, working with a boss that has the right leadership mindset and skill set as well.

Unfortunately most managers are woefully untrained to manage this issue for themselves, much less help others to manage it.

Based on a recent Gallup poll of more than 1 million employees, the No. 1 reason people quit their jobs is a bad boss or immediate supervisor.

Over half those working today would fire their boss.

Good people are leaving their boss, not their organization.

Many others have quit in place, ineffectively taking up space and payroll dollars. From those individuals you are getting near zero discretionary effort.

The top concerns driving individuals away from their bosses are Work-Life Balance issues: my boss lacks respect for me as an individual; my boss does not appreciate that in addition to having a job I have a life; I lack trust in my boss as a person; he doesn’t know when to push for extra hours of effort and when to push for more normal hours.

Gallup also determined that these poorly lead work groups are 50% less productive and 44% less profitable. You have good people. Just as with individual contributors, the problem with bosses is not that they are uninterested. The problem is they are UNTRAINED.

The opportunity for your company is to provide, through training, the skills for your managers and individual contributors to manage this choice challenge themselves.

This skill development approach drives personal accountability and responsibility and produces immediate on and off the job results. You will see results from WorkLifeBalance.com training the first week, and evidence of at least a ten-fold ROI within the first 6 months. Ongoing programs continue to show more than a ten to one annual ROI. This is a huge impact for a very small investment of time and money – concrete bottom line results and overwhelming improvements in employee perceptions. Our approach is designed to impact everyone in your organization with an implementation that proves its worth at every step. Because we manage the process, a rollout puts very little demand on your internal resources. We do the work; your organization gets the credit and the bottom line returns.

The decision and implementation process is quick, simple and effective.  A 20-minute online demonstration will provide you with enough to decide on going to a next step. Usually that next step is for a trusted bottom line executive to preview how we would partner with you and confirm the value and ROI it delivers. A check with our references proves unprecedented organization wide results. If you see a fit, we then begin the implementation with your team.

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Jim Bird

For more detailed steps on evaluating and improving your Work-Life efforts you or your Senior HR Executive can see Work-Life: Doing It Right and Avoiding the Pitfalls.

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