Advanced Sustainability Program

Sustain and multiply results through WorkLifeBalance University’s Advanced Sustainability Program. Based on our proven Work-Life Balance framework and tools it is the Education & Training component and cornerstone of a comprehensive and effective Work/Life strategy and ongoing commitment to a positive Work/Life culture. This program includes our full extended learning package, acclaimed employee newsletter, enrollment in the complete WorkLifeBalance University online “core curriculum” with access to regular additions, updates and refresher courses. It provides everyone in your organization with a proven, always-available Work/Life resource, directly relevant to work at your company and their personal lives.

See our CEO’s Message for the bottom line impacts of an effective Work-Life Balance program for your enterprise.

Request More Information Intranet Tool-Kit & Resource Gateway can work with your Management, Human Resources, Work/Life, Training, Benefits and Information Technology personnel to create a special Work/Life tool-kit and resource portal within your company’s Intranet. This portal will provide all levels of your organization that have local or remote access to your Intranet, with access to WorkLifeBalance University training and a showcase for the other Work/Life programs, initiatives and benefits you offer. Other resources, articles and links to online information can be incorporated into the portal based on the scope of your Work/Life strategy and plans.

“Our Work-Life Balance newsletter co-produced with you is the most visited page on our employee web-site, except for payroll information. It has been a valuable contributor to our overall work-life balance efforts.

Sal LaScala
Senior Vice President HR/Operations
Turner Construction Company

“Your WorkLifeBalance Newsletter is one of the most welcome items in my inbox. I appreciate the thought and care put into your messages. They distill life’s experiences into meaningful instruction, enlightenment and create more happiness. They make a difference for me.

Joel Hatch
Seven Year WorkLifeBalance Newsletter Subscriber

“The newsletters are awesome. Very well received and great ongoing impact as part of our extended learning program.

Director of Training
US Military Base Civilian Operations

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“The availability of not only live training, but also web-based and the monthly newsletter proved to be a big plus. The ongoing blended learning makes the skill set stick. It has become a common language we continue to use to get things done. You hear and see the tools applied in every meeting. They have become part of the fabric of how we do business.

Pete Turcos
Director of Human Resources
Lafarge North America

“We have sustainably moved the needle in the right direction…and have changed our culture along the way. We are delivering more, our people are better off, and our organization’s health has improved.

Director of Finance
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Available Programs

Leadership for Work & Life

Available onsite or online

Work-Life Balance

Available onsite or online

Time Management

Available onsite or online

Stress Management

Available onsite or online

Trainer Certification

Your facilitators deliver


For your event or meeting

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Unmatched Measured Results


follow through on important work and personal objectives


are still using the tools after 2 months


continue to be more productive at work (Average reported productivity increase is 24%)


recommend expanding the program to others

Delivery Options

  • Ongoing Work-Life Training and Resources Program
  • Online WorkLifeBalance University Training (unmatched content, technology & video quality)
  • Facilitators
  • Trainer Certification
  • Quick Start Facilitator Program

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Whether you're a senior level executive, HR or Training manager or you just want to gain more value out of your professional and personal life our unique dual purpose work and life programs can help you and your organization.



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