ROI Studies Training Clients

An annual Return on Investment of between 600% and 2000% can be expected from investing in the 5 Steps training.

This payback has been measured and documented in a variety of high impact areas critical to every organization including:

  • Quality of Customer Service Measurements
  • Measured Reduction in Meeting Time
  • Ongoing Productivity Measurements
  • Sales Measurements
  • Employee Survey Measurements

Please see specific examples and calculations below.

“There is a clear ROI from the 5 Steps Training. Turnover is down. Performance is up. It has strengthened our culture of respect and appreciation. It has moved us higher as an employer of choice and strengthened the results in our employee surveys…There is a sense of less stress in the organization and people are happier.

Fortune 50 Company


Customer Service Measurements – Pharmaceutical Client Blind comparison study on quality of customer service

The leadership team of Monsanto’s Integrated Financial Services (IFS) unit realized that it needed to make changes in order to manage effectively in a time of transition for its parent organization.  Consequently, it set out to develop a clear vision and to support the vision with metrics.

Monsanto conducted a set of baseline surveys on customer satisfaction.  The conclusion was that employees’ satisfaction with their work-life balance was one of the two strongest predictors of customer satisfaction.  The other factor was employee’s general satisfaction with their job.

While the organization said that balance was important, work demands made it difficult to achieve.  With this demonstrated link between employees’ assessment of balance and customers’ ratings of overall quality of service a global, finance training program was initiated.

During the course of the next three years, results exceeded expectations in almost every area in which performance measures had been identified including customer service quality ratings, problem resolution, timeliness of information and employee work-life balance ratings.

    Excerpted from Becoming measurement-managed: Strategic focus & business metrics at Monsanto IFS
  • Richard B. Clark – VP and Controller Monsanto
  • Brian S. Morgan Director organizational assessment – Metrus

Meeting Time Reduced by 50% with Improved Meeting Outcomes

Numerous clients have used the 5 Steps to eliminate unnecessary time expended in meetings with 50% or more reductions in meeting times common.  A US Government Intelligence agency reduced the time of their daily ops meeting with their 14 top senior staff members from an average of 1 hour and 15 minutes to 30 minutes.  This application alone represented over a 3000% ROI from their 5 Steps training investment.

“Most important are the Level 3 results.  Participants are still using the tools months later.  They are producing results automatically, with less clutter in their work and lives.”

-Jane Ware
Baxter Healthcare

Productivity Measurements – Measurements Taken 60 to 90 days following the training

Working with selected clients has conducted follow up surveys with over 5000 users sixty to ninety days after their completion of the 5 Steps Training.  Participant responses included the following questions:
   Are you still using one or more of the tools trained?
If so, which ones?
Are you more productive because of this training?
If yes, indicated specific reasons why.
If yes, how much more productive are you?
The productivity impact has proven consistent over all client industries.
 94% are still using the tools after 2 months
91% after 2 months are continuously more productive because of the training
Average reported productivity increase is 24%
Please see discounted ROI calculations below.

Productivity Measurements and ROI – Taken 12 months after the training

Similar client surveys taken at 12 months indicate 86% to 89% response rates on the continued daily use of the tools and their impact on personal and team productivity.

In calculating Return On Investment we have discounted the average reported 24% productivity increase to 20% and used the lower end of the utilization figures at one year.  Based on a $50,000 employee costs the ROI on the 5 Step Training is as follows:

Approximate Costs per participant:
   Lost work time to training – 5 to 8 hours of training time:   $200
 Travel costs (none for web)$0
 Training room costs – web$0
 Costs of Annual License (varies with quantity purchased)$195
 Total Annual Costs$395

Productivity Gains:  20% x 86% utilization = 17.2%

17.2% x $50,000 annual salary = $8600 Annual average productivity per participant

Annual ROI – $8600/$395 = 21.77 to 1.  Return on Investment 2177% on average.

For live training programs the productivity gains remain the same.  There are additional costs for training rooms, participant travel costs and additional lost work time.  These additional costs usually reduce ROI to between 600% and 1100% annually.  The higher the average annual salary, the higher the ROI; the lower the salary, the lower the ROI.

“We have been able to produce more concrete, observable results, in less time for less money. Most important is the Level 3 results. Participants are still using the tools months later and they are doing so without thinking about it. They have become ‘unconsciously competent’ using the 5 Steps, producing results automatically with less clutter in their lives and work.

Jane Ware
Director of Human Resources
Baxter Healthcare

Sales Increase over 25% – Large Regional Banking Client

Step 3, the PATH project management tool was applied by a major east coast regional bank to increasing the sales of a specific high margin product by 25% in the following quarter.  Actually results were 29% and continued at these high levels for the remainder of the year.  No other contributing event occurred other than the facilitation of the PATH tool around the project of increasing this product’s sales.

Employee Survey Measurements

Numerous clients’ employee survey ratings show substantial improvements in key questions around perception of the employer and the employees immediate supervisor after all participate in the 5 Steps training.

A large public utilities client directly established positive employee survey ratings improvements to be the result of the 5 Steps to Better Work-Life Balance training.  Positive ratings for the lowest rated work groups and the management of those groups more than doubled after the training was conducted.

Leaders and Individual Contributors Rate the 5 Steps Training a 99 out of 100.

99% of participants recommend expanding the program to others in the organization.

To view a small sampling of recent web participant comments
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